Saturday, September 12, 2009

From my " Quilting Saga"

Flower Garden

Log Cabin
  Flower Garden, Log Cabin and Batik Beauty, the first two were hand quilted and the Batik was tied. I loved hand quilting, that was the best part. The batik is a Barbra Joan Creates, you know the "do your own thing". '. These are just a few of them. I'll be posting others .


  1. I found it!! Looks lovely and you did a great job on those quilts from what i can see. they are just beautiful.

  2. Thank you cristinoel and thanks for being the first to join my blog. You get the bravery award!

  3. Yay and the log cabin is mine all mine I say.....
    love love love the log cabin

  4. no favorite on any of them, They are all so very Beautiful, this is a very special talent ,I wish I had my Great grandmothers she did those types of blankets and I always wanted one of them. it is sad but when my Mom past My sisters Daughters threw them away with out ever asking if I wanted them. Yours are truly Beautiful I hope they are cherished for many year to come. They are breathtaking !
    ~God Bless ~

  5. Your quilts are beautiful BJ, and I may be calling on you for advice. My daughter left home last week, and she did happen to mention that she would love a quilt for her birthday. As it is her birthday today I am hoping she meant next year! :)


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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