Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's What I Call A Good Day!

Yesterday I met with two friends for lunch and treking through Dade City (Fl) a quaint little town lined with shops and all the 'places' that women love. I'd met Nancy there once before after meeting her online and discovering we lived about 2 hours apart. Yesterday was twice as nice because she brought her friend Donna who is just as warm and friendly as she. Its so nice to be with people who are like- minded and discuss things like art supplies .! We had lunch at The Garden Cafe, (real cloth napkins ) and the absolute best peanut butter pie. !!.  

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  1. Barbra Joan, what a terrific way to spend the day. This blog world is very special for making connections.

    I'm happy to see that Nancy is doing well. I've visited her blog recently and have left her some comments, but I haven't heard much from her in recent months, so I was definitely hoping all was well.

    Hugs from your California connection!


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