Friday, September 3, 2010

My Experience Living in the Boonies

I want to get past the alligator story. 
   Three months ago I moved to this place, a small manufactured home in an over 40 community. It's small , that's my little kitchen above. 
 But a  few years ago I had a different idea... and decided to move from where I was at that time ( a normal community)  to a 3 acre wooded area about 20 minutes north of here, but a world apart from civilization. I thought.... oh,  an artists dream, quiet, living amongst the large live oaks, raccoons, deer, bunnies, other assorted critters, not to mention the snakes and spiders. It was a beautiful setting at first glance so I moved in. The drive up to the house was a dirt road. When the rains came it was mud, when it was dry it was dirt and sand. I didn't have a pick up truck.. uh oh! 
     You couldn't keep up with the mold and mildew, it was like trying to keep up with the painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. Never ending.   In the 3 years I lived there I was bitten by dozens of wasps, bees,  mosquitoes, stinging catapillars, oh and did I say poison ivy? yes, twice.    Broke my wrist while pulling vines,  but the ultimate insult was getting stung by a plant. Yes a plant called a stinging nettle. Who knew?? Never heard of it? Well neither had I.
 I pulled out this small non-descript plant and immediately had an unbearable burning stinging sensation in the palm of my hand.    After identifying the nasty little thing, I was directed to use scotch tape to pull out those thousands of tiny little hairs that go into your skin. That's when I said ' I'm over this" .. I now have real humans for neighbors, still see plenty of wildlife here .. egrets, herons, rabbits, oh, and lets not forget the gators.    BJ    


  1. I like the boonies too...I've rather combined both of your efforts into one where I live now! LOL Do you know I've never been stung by a bee or wasp or the like? Hmmm...

  2. I've been stung by both probably 30 -40 times.
    at least! BJ


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