Monday, November 8, 2010

This is Southern Comfort

Enjoying my few days staying with friends in Biloxi. They've rebuilt after losing their other home to Katrina.
   Posting  pictures of where I'm staying mostly for myself  but as I  always say  (you are welcome in  my world).
   Cooler than Florida, an hour earlier, different wildlife, trees, etc. I've been here many times before and hope to be here again.  I have Angie with me of course, but she is finding it difficult to make the stairs this time.


  1. What gorgeous photos! I am finding myself wishing I could share the porch with you...a nice glass of iced tea (though not that overly sweet stuff), and wonderful conversation! Wish I had time to go back and visit all of your latest entries! But I'm thinking of you, Ms. Barbra Joan!

  2. Sherry, so happy to hear from you and yes wish you were sharing one of those rocking chairs with me. ! talk to you soon?

  3. I am at a loss love the pics.


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