Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pretty Things?

Even the moths are pretty in Florida.  This one was on my mail box yesterday morning.. If you can't see the color it's the prettiest pink, and pale yellow.  I've seen them before but never able to get a photo ... This one waited for me..


  1. Amazing, I never would have thought a moth could be so beautiful. Looks like hair on his head! great capture! have a great day.

  2. Nice shot, Barbra, but would he eat my tomatoes?

  3. I'm almost sure that here in Brasil we dont have those colored moths!I've never seen one! It is really cute. Must be Florida's peculiarity. Great shot, Barbra Joan

  4. Chris yes she has yellow (blonde) hair.Goes with her pink dress,
    Jerry, No it won't eat those precious tomatoes, and
    Anamaria.. lots of peculiar things in Florida, it has me doesn't it.??? BJ

  5. I haven't seen a pink moth either! Pretty indeed, BJ!


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