Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Jake

One of my three cats, Jake weighs over 22 lbs. and is eight years old.  Like my others he's an indoor cat, and has pretty pink paw  pads, (he doesn't like me to tell anyone that, but it's true.)   A close up of him will show he didn't like having his picture taken.. He can be quite grumpy at times.   He's a big guy and loves to lay on my watercolor papers  (of course). He's right there to investigate..     


  1. I had a marmalade cat once -- her name was Daisy. She moved all over the country with me, and finally passed away (I really can't remember how old she was) - She was such a sweet cat - the one female that I have now, is clawing me as I type this!

  2. First, thank you for e-mailing me back. Second, I love this guy!!!!

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  4. he is just a very beautiful kitty and bet he is loving in his own way ... all of your animals are beautiful....
    Have a great weekend
    ~ God Bless ~


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