Saturday, August 6, 2011

Florida is a great place to be in the Winter, but right now it is hot beyond belief.. That tree is a Queen Anne  palm  in my back space.   I call it a 'back space'  because we hardly have 'back yards'.
    This week it had to have some of the limbs cut off as it's now hurricane season    (another tropical wonder) .  
    It's like a ghost town here,  very quiet as most of the homes are for people who live elsewhere and spend winters here.. For me its  year round.  ...Florida has been home to me since 1969 and my family before that..  and still HOT!      BJ


  1. I stayed at one of my grandma's places many years ago when the girls dad and I were separated for a short while. It was way too miserable for me in that heat, but I must say that Illinois summers to me are no different. I think I need to move to Iceland or something...I always hate when trees have to be cut back, but totally understandable when they present a danger.

  2. HOT is correct, but I love Florida. Unlike California, the beaches are so clean and filled with wildlife.


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