Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Journey

 Some of you know I have two blogs, the other being mostly my art adventures. This one I called 'Journey' as it's a walk through parts of my life, not all but some of my days. 
 Being a public forum I can't go into everything.  ( come on now!  have to protect the privacy of some)!  Sort of a diary for myself, but I let others peek once in a while.   Most days  I try  to keep it light telling of my animals, nature, art,  and  what I see and feel  at that time.  What I can't  always write are my  deepest feelings about some events that have happened and will happen.
 Today, if you don't mind  I will... 
On my other blog I posted an art piece called 'Life is like a String of Beads'.  
   Some very big events, shining  bright, people,  places and things that we never forget, really fun things, good times.  But some of those beads for me have meant  sorrow, loss and the death of a loved one, parents, friends, and in my life story the sudden unexpected death of my son more than twenty years ago on Sept. 28. His life was taken in a  motorcycle accident.  Very little time if any to say goodbye.  
 Anyone who says 'time heals all wounds'  or 'God doesn't give us more than we can handle'  has never lost a child . A hole in your heart that nothing or no one can ever fill .. Oh, we try of course and there are times we almost get there but never quite do.  Today, I write this in memory of my son Louis, who is still very loved, very missed.  I'll  do what I've done on this day for over twenty years,  throw a bouquet of  flowers into a body of water.  Oceans,  lakes,  rivers ,..The Pacific Ocean when I lived in California,  the Sacremento River, in the Atlantic, Tampa Bay,  far too many places to remember now.  He was a free spirit, I wanted him to stay that way, so although he is in no special place, he is everywhere...
  I write this today for my own sake, for my own healing (still).   Other days will come after this one, the good, the really good, the not so good.  Life is really like a string of beads...  BJ


  1. Wonderful tribute, Barbra, and wow! what a GREAT picture of your son! At peace there for sure, and, it looks as if no gloves! Not afraid of living, that young man! Free as the hawk now, soaring and yes, everwhere!

  2. Pat thank you, Your hugs always helped me before..
    Jerry, what can I say to you,? always there and always holding me up, even when I know it isn't easy like today. Your an inspiration to me for the strength you've had in your own life..

  3. I have no words to say to you. He looks he was a wonderful person. Hug from me too.

  4. Barbra Joan,

    Wonderful picture of your son. I am sorry for your loss.


  5. he's beautiful BJ. I'm so sorry. My heart and prayers are with you, sending you hug and love,Diana

  6. My eyes are full of tears. Much love to you.

  7. BJ, it always kills me to think of your loss. I know that it is something you will never get over and I so admire your strength in continuing on yourself. You are a blessing and a joy to me yourself. And have I mentioned before what a hottie I think your son is? He is so my type and he looks so darned Italian (like a guy I had a crush on in high school)! I love knowing that he was a free spirit and an animal lover.

  8. I can't imagine a loss like that. But, as long as I've known you, you've carried yourself with such a great spirit and so full of life, I know that Louis must be looking down on you with pride! You are an inspiration to me and many others. xoxo

  9. sweet Lady, I had no idea of your sorrowful loss...we so often do not know what others have experienced. Prayers for you this morning...take care

  10. Knowing people like you has made my life a little easier and I hope I do the same for you.. BJ


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