Monday, October 3, 2011

The Passion Flower

If this is not one of the most beautiful of natures gifts, I don't know what is... I took this picture early yesterday morning across the street in my neighbor Lindas' garden. Yes, she has everything..
   I want to grow this next year,, it's on a vine, thick and green, Passion Flower,  if you click on it ... it will grow  LOL !! BJ


  1. This is an amazing flower! Perfect! The fruit smells so good...I love the juice and also the seeds! Beautiful photo, BJ! Thanks for your nice and wise words on my blog! Wish you a nice week, kisses

  2. What a unique and oh so gorgeous flower, Barbra Joan. I can so see you with this tucked behind your ear at one of your art in the park type of shows. Very BJ, very unique and stylish!!

  3. Yes S, and you might be right ! coming over to see you... BJ

  4. Nice photo Barbra. Also, the portrait of the Hawk is excellent!


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