Saturday, January 7, 2012

Something about this photo I took while in Tallahassee that makes me feel good.  I even use it as my screen saver .
It was actually a room in a very big old house that had been turned into a store..
It was everything I could live with , I didn't see one thing in this huge place that I wouldn't have wanted in my home.
Nothing special today, just some thoughts dancing through those drafty areas of my mind .  BJ


  1. Love those gauzy curtains. That is my kind of style as well. Hey! I too can hear the winds whistling up in the old brain! LOL

  2. This is my kind of room also. I love how this photo captures the light...very pretty~~~


  3. Oie,
    passei para conhecer o blog,
    adorei aqui,


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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