Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Little Piece of my Studio. ^
         ^   Some pages I'm putting into a circus theme art journal. ^
Slowly getting back into the studio . I call it a studio, it's really a part of an enclosed room.. I'm trying to learn to be in here without my Angie.   She was always with me..  BJ


  1. Thanks for sharing a little bit of a glimpse into your studio, Barbra Joan. And I wanted to also tell you that your sweet beloved Angie IS there with you. Just like my Mollie girl is with me. I keep her photo on my night stand as well as the portrait of her waiting to be tickled that my hubby did of her about five years ago. And in my studio (dining room, if truth be told) has another framed photo of her near by. I know your heart is still breaking, and I know - I completely know and empathise how much you miss her. But I truly do believe that our beloved friends are and always will be with us - they're in our mind's eye, in our memories, and of course, in our hearts. It might be too painful or heartbreaking now to do this, but having photos of her near you, might help you feel her presence close by, as I know she still is. Just as my Mollie girl is.
    Wishing you lots of love.

  2. Thank you June, for your very touching em. I am sorry for your sadness also.. Kindred spirits have like minds.. and thank goodness for people like us. BJ

  3. Oh my, BJ. You've made me cry this a.m. It hurts me knowing you've lost your very best friend, and for both of you. My studio is also an enclosed room, but its mine and I like being in it. Now...if it just had more light!

    Can't wait to see more of your journal!


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