Saturday, March 3, 2012

Progress Report

The Carolina Wren family has almost  finished it's construction in my staghorn fern right outside my bedroom window.! 
I took these from inside and the one close-up you can see  Mr. CW bringing some of it's last pieces .
Click on the top photo.
The nest is to the left of the chain and the opening is as small as the bird, and they are very small.   BJ


  1. If building one's own nest was as easy! So glad they have found a super safe haven.

  2. Should be fun to see the little ones hatch. I had hummingbirds right at my window and it was amazing to see the progression. FUN!

  3. That's so delightful Barbra Joan. Our Wrens in the UK sing very loudly considering their size - do Carolina Wrens do the same?

  4. They certainly do sing loud, I couldn't believe that much noise was coming from that tiny bird.


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