Saturday, March 24, 2012


I know that you think here in Florida we never have a winter, but yes things do go to sleep for a few months, and so when they come back to life it seems like Spring to us.. Expecially here in Central Fl.
   So today I present you with a Springy thingy.   What else, but flowers.     BJ


  1. Gorgeous, my friend! Yes, things are starting to blooom, and it's feeling like Spring!

  2. Beautiful my dear friend BJ. These look like the little flowers that I am seeing blooming on the trees out here. I love that springy thingy. It does tend to renew our spirits at the very least. That said, as soon as we get the first day that literally makes me sweaty, hot and miserable, I will be so longing for the autumn.

  3. Your flowers are just lovely Barbra - I am sure there is so many beauties that grow in Fla. Thanks for sharing Spring with me!


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