Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Bit of Heaven !

I use to live in heaven. Really!! Under that bright  light is the lake cottage I use to live in.. The photo was taken  early one morning by my 'cross the way neighbor.' The house was built in 1925, and was originally called a 'Cracker House' here in Florida. It had 4 small rooms and a sunporch.
Back then original Floridians were known as 'Crackers' . That's because Florida was a big cattle producing state,  (still is) and the crack came from the whip that was used by the cattlemen. 
Through the years it was added onto so much that eventually by the time it became mine it had  so many rooms that went this way and that. This is the house under that light.
 I hear some people leave their heart in San Francisco, I left mine in that house.  BJ


  1. Very beautiful and so peaceful looking better than any dreams just reality. Lovely

  2. It is a delightful house and look at all the trees! If it weren't the creepy crawlies, I could easily live up in the boughs of trees. I think my heart has been left with my kids.

  3. Awesome BJ - what a photo - bet you do miss your homestead. Never realized that Fla. was known for its cattle - great piece of knowledge to tack into the back of my brain - love all the shade trees and shrubs around your place. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart today. xo xo Debbie

  4. Enjoyed your posting... about heaven on earth in your old home. I can see why you'd leave your heart there.

  5. PS... I see we share a love for all things puddy-furred. You got some lovely kitty cats!


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