Sunday, September 2, 2012

Look Away! I'm Hideous!

 No it ain't Texas, but they grow 'em big here. This beetle bug was big ,  no not big as an alligator as someone suggested ! lol! There are other critters that grow big, you don't want to know about those. !
  This guy was in the grass yesterday morning... I thought he would rear up and draw his gun.!  I really don't like insects, spiders or creepy crawly things., but had to take his pic. !    BJ


  1. Thanks Jerry, I shouldn't have said UGH!

  2. Oh, not ugly, just not pretty in the usual way :) Thanks for sharing - my favorite little things that think they are big are crabs - when they stand their ground, raising their claws like, "I am going to teach you a lesson" and you just have to laugh!

  3. It is amazing as artist that we find ourselves looking closely at the most interesting things. I also want to thank you for your kind comment on my blog but I must take issue with your statement that you are "not a good artist".......don't make me come down there. I do appreciate the encouragement and probably will not be so negative after a good nights sleep.

  4. Very creepy. He is bigger than the normal bugs we frequently see. I've never seen one in person. Thank God for that.
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  5. He is gorgeous!! Have you seen the green gold ground beetle on my blog??? you neeeed to if you have not seen him. These two would look color coordinated together:)


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