Thursday, November 8, 2012


YES! I quilt. I've not done much in the past few years, but usually have one I'm working on and will pick it up from time to time.

I started quilting late in life (I'm a late bloomer") !!! 
The one above  is my most recent....  like last week. !!
Appliqued hearts ( hand sewn) and hand quilted. I know todays modern quilters have all sorts of quilting machines, they do everything but talk , I think they do that too !!  but oddly enough that's the part I like to do by hand. Just needle, thread, and even a thimble.
There is something very relaxing and quiet about hand quilting that I enjoy. Putting the squares together is done on my Singer Featherweight. (circa 1938)  It only sews forward and reverse. That's the only part done on the machine. 

 THAT's IT !!! It's tiny, portable and most people have it as a second machine. For me it's my one and only and I like it that way.
With my Featherweight I've pieced  (sewn ) together every quilt I ever made. Here's some of them and  the Featherweight that did it all !!
Log Cabin a very old quilt pattern.
the center is a red square that represents the hearth of the home.
and then is surrounded by 'logs.' Depending on how the squares are sewn together you can make many different patterns. 
This one is for display in
summer time and then winter is a darker one. 
Yes, on an old Jenny Lind( or reasonable facsimile )  headboard that I purchased at a flea market years ago ..    

Flower Garden

above is the only 'hand tied ' quilt I made.
Had to try that !!!!
My very first quilt washed so many times, it's faded and soft.. but still on the end of my bed.

                  And Ta Da! my dear old friend, The Featherweight. 
                     They were made by the Singer company.    BJ       


  1. There are no ends to your talents, Barbra! These are beautiful! and you may have the only sewing machine left, "made in USA"!

  2. Dear BJ - these are so wonderful. My favorite is the last - maybe because it is so soft looking. The second is the hearts. I adore your singer sewing machine. I have sewed on several but my favorite was my Mom's old JC Penney model. It is the one I learned on and I wish she still had it - I would take it in a minute. Take care and thanks for sharing these lovely pieces of art.

  3. Yes, Jerry, It was made right here and still going strong.. What more does a girl need. ?

    And Thank you Debbie,, I'm glad you like them.

  4. BJ, you are so talented, so multi-faceted. I am surprised you haven't ventured into art quilting, combining both of your loves. Quilting is something I've always wanted to try but never have enough steam to cut pieces and lay them out, let alone sewing them all together. You are amazing!

  5. Oh, love the singer sewing machine.
    Your quilts are lovely, thanks for sharing.

    Sensible Sarah

  6. Tus colchas son preciosas. Soy profesora de pachwork desde hace unos 40 años y estoy de acuerdo contigo en que las modernas maquinas quitan toda la magia del trabajo. Yo también hago el acolchado a mano y me parece la parte mas bonita del trabajo. Tu vieja maquina es una joya. Ciao

  7. You just never fail to amaze me all those talents you have.

  8. I have one of those talking machines..... but I still go back to my trusty little machine I have had forever. I guess I just don't like machines talking back at me. LOL Your quilts are wonderful and real treasures.
    Thanks for your comments to me. It has now turned into acute bronchitis. All this for just going into the hospital for a simple procedure. AcccK! Anyhow they gave me antibiotics and I am healing. Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving to you.


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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