Monday, December 10, 2012

'Pirates Gold '

Of course there is a story about 'pirates gold'.
Something that has been a Christmas ritual for too many years to tell.  And yes, I still do it.   BJ/Mom


  1. Ok BJ - my curiosity is up - hope you will share the story behind this tradition of "pirate's gold". Take care and have a wonderful day - hugs Debbie

  2. Those gold coins were some of my favorite candy when I was growing up. I think we pretended it was pirates gold too, but the stories? Only in our heads. I can almost imagine how wonderful you made this family tradition, BJ.

  3. I want to hear the story too. love to you BJ> love,Diana

  4. Do not know what it means but I know what gold is and I know what a heart is. SO it looks good to me.

  5. My dad used to put "pirates Gold" in my stocking. Of course I was always a very good girl.... Happy holidays friend!


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