Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catch Up!

Here it is almost Christmas. what ? again? Time is flying, I've had another birthday, phooey! but I'll take it..
2013 saw me through a month long trip to Washington State, a cruise to Alaska which I'll never forget, another surgery on my right hip this time, so now I'm the Bionic woman.
And I don't want any more replacements. I'll keep the rest of my original parts.
I've won some ribbons for my art ... Blue, red and yellow thank you.
Strawberry Festival, the County Fair , Art at the Cottage .
I did miss the Christmas Exhibit this past Thurs. eve.

My cousin/brother  Ray and I on our trusty trikes... another lifetime ago
Ray and I in Orlando this past year .

Wiley hair way back then too.! Barbra Joan at Maple Brook Farm.
Yes, I spent the first 5 years living on a farm in N.J.  
Before the end of this year my friends from Biloxi are renting a small place very close to my house. That should be fun for the Holidays..I have two wonderful close-by girlfriends, and of course there's always 'cousin Ray'  above.. I will post a few pics from this past year , some you may have seen . That's ok just turn the page if you want to ... I will be doing some painting I'm sure, and I'll post them here... I'm not at Art Hearts Place  for now.  
                  Glacier Bay Alaska, from the ship I caught this one just as it was hitting the water. Cold ? Yup!!!



  1. You were a gorgeous little girl, BJ. That has never changed. And I'm rather startled by how much you and Ray look alike. I hadn't noticed it until you posted this older photo. You know, I am so proud of you for your art awards. The only one I've ever one was when I was in 1st grade! LOL I will always follow your blog.

  2. You are lucky to keep such a long friendship, Barbra Joan!
    I really like old photos, they are touching, thanks for sharing. Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Love that you are sharing the pictures and the memories. You look the same now as at 5! Must be good genes. Hugs and I look forward to hearing about happy holidays with friends, both now and years past.


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