Saturday, May 31, 2014

Still Searching

  I post this here on my 'Journey' blog. Because I'm still on a journey with my watercolors.  I did my first watercolor in 1987. It was straight out of an instruction book. A farm house on a slight incline, mostly browns and whites of the paper.. I still remember it . Drab but pretty good ! Well why not? Someone else had taken all the problems out of the picture... But then you start that 'want to do my own thing'. And so I did and so I still am.
Here,  28 years later and painting (a lot) .. my approach has changed so many times.. from realism to impressionism and everything in between.
 I know more about the pigments, more about center of interest, more about value, etc.  I look at this and say ." Where's the lights? Where's the pop that a painting needs. Not here. 
  Now I'm in this mode of painting shapes.
Yes, shapes more than the details. It's interesting ... still doesn't give me what I want to see, but perhaps a light bulb will go off and if I put all that together in one painting, I just might have what I'm looking for.  Maybe . Or taking a line from Helen Van Wyk.."Maybe I should just make soup".     Barbra Joan



  1. God NO, Barbra, don't make soup! You don't cook, remember? Paintings do not have to pop like the fourth of July, some just subtly draw you in and like any good Zen, you become ONE with them. I like 'em the way you do 'em!

    1. Oh thanks Jerry, How come you always say the right thing?

  2. Oh what a beautiful iris!! And despite Jerry's opinion, I say what is wrong with soup??? Hmmmm????

  3. Yes, Sherry... No cooking allowed ..
    But I sure do like to eat !!!


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