Saturday, June 21, 2014

  Life Is a String of Beads


I did a piece like this in colored pencil a few years ago, and decided to paint it in watercolor. 
As I was working on it, I started to think how  much our lives are  like this string of beads.   Large, small, bright, dull and dark , one continuous line with no beginning, no end that you can see. 
Life has big events, small ones, happy bright times and dull somber dark days. 
   It goes on in a perpetual line, but has detours, over and under, ins and outs.  We don't  really know where it begins, we don't know where it ends.   I think I'll name this  'Life is a String of Beads' . 
P.S.I've shared this on my 'Place' blog some time ago, but right now my life calls for it to be posted again here on my 'Journey'  .. 
  Barbra Joan


  1. Beautiful.
    I thought you were making jewelry.

  2. So pretty, so meticulous, and oh so true!


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