Friday, September 5, 2014

Catch up Time!

Jake my 22 lb. cat has had to go to the groomer... first time in 12 years.. I've always taken care of his fur, he's a real hairy guy..
But this past year it has been getting to the point where we argue when ever I take the brush to him.. so much as I hated it I had to bring him in... they gave him that god-awful Lions Cut.. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry ... but it had to be done.. 
So here's Jake after his session... OMG! my poor Jakey.. I keep telling him 'it's ok Jake, it'll grow back.. '
                                This is after he got home..  
 The Lion King..


  1. Poor thing! He looks like he's totally humiliated. Such a pretty boy, too. He looks a lot smaller with the haircut.

    1. Jan, I think your right... He's been laying low ever since we did this.

  2. He looks charming! The first photo, maybe not so happy though. I think the leg warmers might be on his mind. In the second photo, he looks happy!

  3. None of my cats will sit for the brush and all three of them are long haired. We've already taken the youngest one to have her butt area shaved but now I think they have to do the same to her as you had to have done to Jake. Her fur is all full of mats and they will not come out. Seamus (he looks exactly like your Jake) also needs to have this done for the same reason. Sigh...Poor kitties.


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