Sunday, October 12, 2014

My Journey

                                  Dolphin Beach Resort.

                     No I don't do the pool. Pretty though !
                                   Right on the Gulf.

 This is my 'sort of diary' for myself,  but as I always say "your welcome in my world" .. 
I'll be taking the Joyce Hicks workshop in less than 2 weeks. 
The class is a 4 day event 10/23-10/26,  and although I  live a little over an hour away from the Suntan Art Center I would NOT drive there every morning and every night... back and forth.. it's right at rush hour time both ways and I don't do 'rush hour' anymore. 
I'm staying at a hotel close by.
I'll be taking pictures when I'm there, but for now posting (off the internet) some photos. Gulf of Mexico on one side and waterways on the other... just a narrow strip of land that juts out like a finger all the way from Tampa Bay south ... 
More about the art center over at my 'Place' blog .

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