Friday, September 11, 2015

Just 'Stuff'

Just so you know I'm not goofing off doing nothing.. Work on my art journals when I'm not painting. These are acrylics, my Gelli print, and some of my pens, stamps, inks.  
I've been wanting to do some pen/ink sketching and since I'm not that familiar with it, I've been watching some videos, and a great blog by an Australian sketch artist... My eyes are glued to reading her posts going back to '08.  I'm intrigued by her drawings and if you want to find it,  just go to or get on her blog. 
 I think I found her on Pinterest (maybe) .  
My Gelli printing is fun, and adds to my journal backgrounds. But I'm still a painter at heart. 
Oh, here's a hummingbird  right outside the window.
                                 Happy Humming !!!


  1. The journals are priceless works of art in their own right, BJ. My hats off to you! I tried a portrait drawing last night and it is so bad it has to be trashed. What a waste of time that was. Gotta go in for round two. Yeesh.

  2. Maybe just stuff...but nice stuff :)

  3. Ah BJ just catching up on your stuff and loving it. Your art journals are so lovely friend. Glad you are now enjoying those lovely little hummers. I am missing mine. Alas I think they flew down to visit you on their way south. (lol)!


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