Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Journal Peek

My stop at Paneras and yes I did this there, sort of hid at a back table. The text and some color when I got home.. 

My latest journal is chock full of stuff. A little of everything. 
Stamping, sketching , gluing 'stuff' ' written text, I made the little seperators by punching a circle ( from watercolors gone wrong) lol then cut them in half.

 A few more pages from this art journal... Nature, personal, people, places, things... No, my life is not THAT full, but I do these things because I thoroughly enjoy it .Yes, that is the tiniest watercolor palette I have. !
You can see more of my sketching and how I got into it by going to my art blog.  Art Hearts Place.


  1. Love your sketchbook, BJ! Those half circles are a great idea!

  2. I do so wish I could do that kind of a journal. I do a sketch book but it would be so much nicer if I had the time to decorate them with other things. I collect so much junk that I am sure I could add things. Maybe instead of starting another sketchbook I should go back to #1 and decorate it and its cover. This is so inspiring

  3. Oh BJ - so glad you shared your beautiful sketchbook. I love the fact that you put everything in it too. Inspires me to keep mine going too. Hugs


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