Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hello Blogging Friends

Time flies is a saying that is an absolute truth.  Wow!  It's October already, my least favorite month of the year.. 
First of all I don't like colors of orange and red and brown.
And the start of the fall season has always meant shorter daylight, trees losing leaves although here in north Florida some, but not all shed.  I'm just south of the Georgia border.
So it's more like a small southern town, than a beach resort.
And I like it.
Christmas decorations have already been out here in stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels since August.  No! I'm not kidding.  Here in Fl. they start early to get you in the mood while it's still 95 Degrees.  
October means another birthday. Oh No!!! Don't want to get into that subject.  Lately I've been thinking of all the paintings, sketches, journals etc. that I have and my mind goes to who can I pass them on to.. Oh Stop It! its not being morbid or negative but lets face it, artists have a lot of 
'stuff ' .  It's what we're good at. Collecting. LOL! 

Other than my weird random thinking, I've been working on a series of watercolors and posting on my Etsy shop.  It pleases me to know they are appreciated. They've been selling.. along with my other paintings. 



  1. Happy Birthday!!! Your little watercolors are charming, I can see why they sell.

    1. Well Thank you Jan. And they're are fun to do.. No stress, that;s what I like.

  2. This painting is beautiful, congratulations for your sales. It is not surprising that your paintings are sold, they are attractive and beautiful. Greetings.

  3. Dear BJ I certainly can understand why your paintings are selling...they are just beautiful. Hope you are enjoying some wonderful weather. Hugs!


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