Sunday, April 22, 2018

I'm still Here !!!!

Been a while, just realized that when I saw the date of my last post... But I'm hanging in there for whatever it's worth.
Had a few health problems and test done on Friday will give me some results possibly this week coming. 

Been painting just about every day, watercolor and trying my hand at oils again. Wish me luck on that one, been a long time since I did any oil painting. 
Went to the big art festival downtown Tallahassee yesterday, weather was perfect and lots of beautiful art. 
 Thought I'd include a picture of one of our better looking characters here .  It's  just a harmless lizard, and they don't do much of anything except eat bugs and lay in the sun.


  1. I hope it's nothing serious. This getting old stuff takes some adjustments in life.

  2. Glad you're still hanging in there. Take care.

  3. Dear BJ - your fellow is rather cute. Sorry to read that you have been having health me when you can. I will be "looking up" for you sweet one. Hugs!

  4. BJ, happy to see your post. Must say your home is charming and that little guy sharing your abode is very handsome. Praying for great test results. Hugs.


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