Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're all on the same Planet!

A lot of artists that paint write to tell me that they have so many other creative outlets. Quilting and needlearts seem to be right up there . It's not all that surprising. Kindred spirits think alike and its that constant drive to create tha connects us to each other.


  1. Barbara, this blog is a great idea. You are so right about having many creative interests. I love "Victoria." I will come here often!


  2. Barbra, sorry I have not stopped in for a few days, your new blog is great. It is wonderful to see all of your other talents. I believe that as artist we are creative in just about everything we do, I know myself there is not one thing that I would not like to try. If it is creative then I want to try it, the problem is finding the time and money lol

  3. Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments,, it's so nice to hear what other people do... which is just about everything!


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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