Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back on the Planet

So I took a much needed change of scenery. Just a few days visit to So. Fla. where I still have my cousin. I went to an afternoon wedding on a cruise ship which was something different and very enjoyable .. Visted my favorite art supply store in Ft. Lauderdale for about 3 solid hours. I also had a birthday while away. Oh no, ! not another one. !!


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a good one. That kinda makes up for making mention of how old you are becoming that having a birthday brings.

  2. Happy Birthday to Us! I'll be back home tomorrow. It's been great to see my kids and grandkids, but I'm ready to sleep in my own bed, and get back to my routine! See you soon!

  3. Happy Birthday Barbra Joan! Sounds like a wonderful time of rest, I hope and renewing. I spent some time at the beach with some artsy friends in September. Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments. I find your site inspirational. By the way if that is a recent pic of you, you look great and not old.

  4. noooo, that one was about 15 years ago, I was in my late 50's then... but thanks anyway, Chris.


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