Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It was an accident, Really!

This morning I put my face close to my cat Jenny and she gently put her paw out to me, but her claw was out and next thing I knew it scratched my eye. Pain and panic of course, ( I panic easily) . Thank goodness as the day went on it was alright. She had no idea of course what happened, and it was my fault.


  1. Oh, OW.
    Sorry to hear that. Glad you are OK.
    We forget how well equipped they are.

  2. Oh Wow! My Penny does that to me all the time, too! I guess I've just been lucky so far! I'll have to keep an "eye" on that!

  3. I have a cart like sweet and innocent looking. One would never guess.

  4. Jenny is really a very sweet cat, she wandered here last year and was under my front porch, hungry, and needless to say I took her in. She was a very young cat, and is now a part of the 'Cornpone Gang' as I call them.


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