Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just a Few

I'm such a nut for books, and have posted about half of just my watercolor art books. Not pictured here are the art history, color theory, drawing, nature, colored pencil and the ones on making art journals and what else ? Books. I have one called A book about making books !! And even though I don't do oils anymore I can't part with any of those either. Then there's the ton of quilt books, decorating and so on and on. Told you I was a book-aholic.!!! They've taught me so much. Now when it comes to novels, biographies, and most other what I call 'reading ' books, I don't think I read one a year. So thats my story on books. And YES , I've read every one.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Barbra! And, yes, I've also got a ton of quilting and knitting books, too!

  2. Hello Barbra Joan,
    thank you for commenting on my blog!- And...what you write about books is so true...I think I'm as "book-a-holic" as you...
    What I like most is going to Amazon or North light books and see what's new...

  3. LOL I thought you snuck into my house and took a picture of my shelf! I have a book on how to make teddy bears. I made two and that was 25 years ago. Can I bear to part with it? uh uh..

  4. Hi Barbra Joan, Glad to hear from you! Yes, I have been away for a bit but I am back. I have so many books also. It is crazy. I have vowed not to buy anymore about things I want to try but don't have time for yet! My daughter is a book-a-holic also. She has a small library in her room! They become a part of us I think. I can't part with mine either.

  5. Also I must say your animals are wonderful! We have three dogs but no cats anymore. Our last cat was a long haired white cat named Christopher that had no idea he was feline. I miss him but I can't get another one because he was so special!


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