Sunday, February 21, 2010

With my new brush!

This is what I painted last night with my new brush. It's one of those neat pen-like brushes that holds water in it.. so you can paint anywhere, anytime, so there I was at my same place..... not somewhere exotic or out there painting plein-air. But it works great! Even on this very inexpensive paper.


  1. Great painting, Barbra! I'm not sure that I've seen one of those brushes - sounds interesting!

  2. Barbra, what a cheerful and beautiful piece. Aren't those brush pens fun?

    I love hearing from you and staying in touch.

  3. The cardinal was my mothers favorite bird. She collected them and would have loved this cutey. Very well done. What is the brand of pen you used? I haven't heard of them either.

  4. i'm gonna get some of those, but I had other things in mind. I'm filling mine with Dove blender solution and painting with water color pencils on cardstock (for cardmaking). This looks so nice and my photo ( does not show it up so well.


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