Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Favorite Things

I warned you all when I started this Journey that it was mostly for me but your welcome in my world anytime. Here we have more attack of the Killer Palm Pod, (read more just below)  my corner of the world where I  paint, compute, take Angie out that back door. The Great Blue Heron sitting on my deck railing yesterday. ( I love those birds) those skinny little stick legs.  My Staghorn Fern.  Now you know why we tolerate the intense humidity here. At least I think it's worth it.. and lets not forget the hutch that was saved from hurricane Katrina after bringing it from a friends house in Biloxi just a few weeks before it devasted their home..Well, thats it for today and ya'll come on down...    

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  1. Barbara, I love seeing the photos and hearing of your life in FL. I also thank you for your heartwrenching comment the other day. And that put things in perspective nicely. My heart breaks for you and I can only imagine... My girls lost their dad (my ex-husband) when he was 43, back in '02, the same way. I made my husband now sell his bike when that happened. We never rode it again.

    That seed pod thing reminds me of a fall of long hair...or of a mop...either way it sure is cool looking!! Is that a doll house? I was trying to see the rooms set up but got an impression of an old attic with lots of fabulous gems hidden in it!


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