Monday, December 13, 2010

All Is Calm

Just a peaceful calm painting to settle down after the Jake episode. I did this yesterday, and if I get past the composition, the perspective,  the really bad background, all the wrong things in it.. it still had a calming effect on me..
Some artists  bury themselves in their work when their life is in turmoil. That is not for me. I must have a quiet mind and at peace with myself . Sometimes I put on a CD that has 'bird songs' ... It sounds like the start of the day and ends with evening calls of the birds... It's  beautiful  in the background as though I'm painting outside in a garden. . Thats my story for the day.


  1. What a gift to be able to do this in one sitting. I love the boat. Waiting. The shadows are perfect! The bird sounds would be soothing. I like this painting, Barbra and am so glad Jake is back!

  2. This is so perfect! I love it!


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