Friday, December 10, 2010

A Nightmare Day

You have to understand my love of animals. I was the kind of kid that brought everything home telling my parents 'it followed me' especially kittens and puppies . It could also be a sick bird, a baby rabbit,  if it had fur or feathers  and it was 'out there ' it needed me. and they usually said ok. It was probably easier than getting me a brother or sister.
  I have never in my life been  one day without at least a dog , a cat , 2 dogs  3 cats, I can't imagine a home without at least one of something breathing when you  walk in the door. Plants are nice but they don't follow you..and they don't think your beautiful first thing in the morning.. Animals do. !
I live with 3 cats , and Angie my dog. My cats do not go outside ever. My law is that if you want your cat to live 5-6 years you let them outside. If you want them to be with you 15-16 years you don''t , simple as that. Mine live long lives and I like it that way. They do too.
So this morning I woke at 6 a.m. and my cat Jake is nowhere in the house,, how do I know this right away?  because he is the first one to come into the kitchen to eat.
 He's very big... 22 lbs.... very hairy, and very orange.. You can't miss him..
   He was gone..and I knew it right away. I spent eight long hours, walking, driving the car, driving  a golf cart, every one in my community knew Jake was missing. I was not only putting notices in the Clubhouse, on the garbage dumpster, the pro shop, my mail box, other peoples mail boxes,  trees and poles..  So here's this crazy woman with the wild hair, walking behind peoples homes at 7 in the morning calling   'Jake.Jakey .''.  Oh yes, 8 hours later he was found  under a tarp covering my next door neighbors' outdoor grill, not 20 feet away from my back door. He was petrified and only because her little dog sensed it was he found.  Now everyone knows that Jakey the big orange cat is home safe, and that wild -eyed woman  had to go and take all the notices, and inform all her sane, normal  neighbors that Jake is home safe. But I'll sleep better tonight,,  Jake is here.  thats what matters .


  1. I'm so glad you found him! I know just how you feel -- if one of my cats hide, and I can't find them, I search until I do! (And, they can cram themselves into some pretty good hiding places!) Jake is one very lucky cat!

  2. Jake is a beautiful cat, Barbra, and he has been on an adventure! Now he will stay close to home seeking your love and warmth. He is safe. I am glad you found him!

  3. Jake is adorable and I am glad you found him. I too have 2 cats Calvin and Lucy

  4. Karen, I have no way to respond to you, (Facebook?) but thanks for your comments and I hope you come by again. .. yes, Jake is safe and warm and so am I. Thanks Jerry and Nancy also .. Nanc, I know you, so I know what your like with the four legged friends!!!

  5. He is so beautifull! I'm glad he's safe at home now. Hugs from Brasil

  6. Ciao Barbra! The cats are very beatifull.
    I have a cat, Duffy a very pink panther.
    Very compliments for all your works, I will follow you always.
    Thanks for your visit.


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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