Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Florida is not for Wimps

Some of my neighbors  ( see the picture below ) are sunning themselves right across the pond. And others like the bee that stung me is even closer.. Yesterday while cleaning up some of those pod seeds from the Palm tree in my backyard, I felt a hot needle go into my ankle, from past experiences ( about 30 of them) I knew it was a wasp or bee.  Oh, yes it was a bee and I  had to pull it off my leg,  physically pull it off. !!!
   I've been stung so many times that I knew this one was different.. Last night for about 7 hours I had intense burning and pain..   Real PAIN, like when you've slammed a door on your finger .. that was my ankle.. no let up and no stopping it.. This morning  its not as bad but  it is hard  to walk without a shooting pain in my leg... We have the African Killer bees now here in Florida that migrated from South America .. Texas is full, so is Arizona..
  You know how I don't like to see anything hurt or die, but believe me that bee is very dead.. and I took great pleasure in it..  Its 75 degrees out as I speak.. but I've shared that temperature for 45 years  with these weird dangerous neighbors..

 I've been stung by a poisonous catapillar, wasps , bees, lets not forget the mosquito population , a small snake that  left two holes in my finger, and the ultimate insult.... the stinging nettle plant !!! Yes, a plant that stings .. the whole palm of my hand..  thousands of tiny little microscopic hairs that sting like fire and you have to use scotch tape to get them off ..(no other way) and then hours of having your hands  with burning pain .  Fun HuH ?
   Like I said,  Florida is not for wimps. Unless of course you're over on the beaches in a fancy hotel for a couple weeks.. I never see that part.


  1. Wow, those are alligators? No swimming in the lake? glad your sting is better!

  2. No swimming in this or most lakes,, just about every one will have some gators in them.. These are about 8 feet long..and you don't want to be in their way when they're hungry.


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