Wednesday, December 29, 2010

So THIS is the Future!

I'm not sure where or when I wrote about the future but I know I did. At some time in my life I thought of the 21st century as something so futuristic and far out of reach and  here we are approaching 2011.   For me  this past year has had some dissappointments,  some painful events, some that I've lived with for many years and a few new ones. On the bright side I've also had some accomplishments and  happy days.
I  cherish each  and every day. I love life... all of it..  I always have. . I try to laugh at something at least once a day. It keeps your insides young.
 For the year ahead I start with two goals just for the month of January.
  One is to join my local art guild which I haven't done since moving here six months ago.. the other is to volunteer  my time one night a month at the meetings of the Bereaved Parents. At one time I joined a group called The   Compassionate Friends for parents who had lost a child. They helped me cope with living each day with the loss of my son. And yes,  I still live with is a part of my life that can never be ignored.,  and now I can give back some of  that help to others.
I wish all of you  Happy New Year !

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  1. Hi, Great goals for the new year. Joining the local art guild and giving back by voluntering at the support group. My goals are more predictable, losing weight and completing work looking towards retirement,of course i need to read more and PAINT! Happy NEw YEar


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