Friday, December 31, 2010

This Year Past

Looking back on this past year I realize how many events can happen to change your life in just  that time. How it turns things around.. Well, maybe not all of it. Still working on those ..   
Some hard times at the start was an ongoing battle physically, emotionally and financially, but got through it, put it away and not looking back. Never go back, always forward. What happened yesterday is gone, today is here , and tomorrow is yet to happen. This day is what is important. Give something of yourself if its only a smile it's still giving a part of you..
 Moved to a new place, small but all I need, as long as I have a place to paint, and play with my creative ideas, a small area to plant flowers and the tropicals that I love so much. My good friend moved in to a place just across from me . Good!     
Angie is still with me .. Good!  A trip to Savannah will always be a fun memory.  . And Biloxi for the art show .As you can tell I never get that far from  Florida , but of course if I won the lottery I'd be dancing in Italy!!! and oh yes, not alone either. !!!
I look back of course to the paintings I've done, hoping I've achieved just a bit of improvement. I'll  paint more this coming year, can't stop now you know, and besides the word 'can't ' is not in an Artist/Scorpio/Italian womans vocabulary.
Happy New Year to my old blogging friends and to the new ones I've found this year!


  1. Italy sounds great! and "can't" is such an ugly word! this will be a wonderful year.

  2. I wish you a prosperous 2011...

  3. glad you are going to keep painting, it's in your soul now!

  4. You are such a gem! And, I absolutely love this sunflower! Beautiful!


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