Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My other Love!

    Lately I've been thinking  a lot about my passion for paper arts, textiles,  jounaling, sketching, mixed media, how much I like making my own art journals, and how its been a while since doing any of it.. This past week ... seems like a month that I've been imprisoned in the house, an upper respiratory thing that started with an innocent cold, but grew into a monster.. fever, cough and as I say with the miseries. I think thats a southern thing if not .. it should be.  . : "I've got the miseries" .
  Funny thing when your busy with life you think "if only I could be locked in the house with just my art supplies. Just me and them" , so here I was in that exact state but  had no  desire  to even hold a pencil or brush..
What I did do was a lot of  web surfing, and while doing that, came across a few paper arts sites that lead me into the  infamous "Black Hole" you know the feeling , you get there and then start looking to the next and the next and there is just no end.  oh, your bookmarking and adding to favorites cause you've just got to get back to it.. oh hundreds thousands of great sites that are making  ideas pop into your head, and  just want to get in that room and start cuttin' up paper , fabric , glue , !!!! so many ideas , so little time.. No wait!... I 'm sick .. thats right !!! . I have plenty of time... right ... so I'll start tomorrow, !!!  right now I'll take my cough medicine. and go to sleep. ..
 You can see my other blog and more on my art journals ..HERE!


  1. Barbra, your link is not working!!! It sounds like you had fun fishing and exploring yesterday. The waters will wait for you, until your miseries are over!

  2. Barbra Joan, you are just so cute! I must say that the cover on that little journal is gorgeous to my mind...colors, paint, shadows, an antiquey feel...All right up my alley! Hoping today finds you feeling better and that the miseries have ebbed...

  3. Yes, my link is working! my miseries are ebbing and so glad you like my little journal!

  4. I love your little journal!
    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment...I'm now following you!

    Off to have a peak at your other site too..

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  5. Holy moly that took my breath away. I SO LOVE THAT


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