Saturday, January 22, 2011

How and Why I Do It!

Front Cover
 Small art journals are something that I wanted to do without knowing at that time they were coming into popularity. I just knew  I wanted to make these tiny books. They are all about 3 to 4" in size.. I struggled to figure out how to do these, I remember the first one was  only 1",  and I wrote in there "I know this is very small" . Only the most disturbed mind would  actually write that in there. !! and then tell you I did !!! 
 Of course not long after struggling to figure all this out I started to see books about  making books and I  have quite a few.  I still kind of do my own thing ,, make the signatures (pages) then the covers,  and of course I had to get  waxed linen thread to bind.. I did learn a few different ways to bind the books,, but still stick to the simple ones. Coptic binding and I think the other is called Japanese Stab binding.  Well, thats my story and I'm stickin'  to it. !
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  1. Very interesting. I love the way you have decorated the journal!

  2. I think these are gorgeously delightful little journals, Barbra Joan! Just absolutely exquisite!

  3. Wow!!! You're an artist after my own heart. Love the journal. I actually recently purchase a fantastic paper bag album that I fell in love with on ebay to see how it all was done, although I'm going to look for the acid free paper bags, as I think spraying them isn't long range effective. Right now I am experimenting with the scrapbooking concept and the journals. I have this crafts side of me that wants to start creating big time.

  4. Very interesting, like them!

    I always carry a little journal with me, waiting for the grand ideas to come. Yep still waiting.

    Love Angie Girl --- what eyes!

  5. I love your journal! They are such wonderful insights into an artists heart! Thanks for sharing!


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