Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where Have all the Birds Gone?

Well !!! here I am waiting to be a grandmother to these birds. (see post below) .
 I was told they are Carolina Wrens.. ok , so for 3 days I had to be oh so quiet while they consructed this perfectly formed nest inside my Staghorn Fern,, so I'm already thinking how am I going to water it with this nest inside... alright .. so I'll  do my 'Scarlett O'Hara ' and 'worry about it tomorrow"  .
. Now? it's been 3 days, no sign of them. What happened?  I  didn't disturb. I didn't make a pain in the a$$ of myself .. by looking in (like I wanted to every five minutes. )
    I'm thinking 'oh no , they're not coming back?  where are they? after all that work, maybe they didn't like the color of the walls?    What????


  1. Barbra, it is a dog eat dog world and your birds were probably invited for dinner!

  2. NO NO NO Jerry! I see them going in and out of under the house.. I'm sure its them... there is nothing around here.. to get them!!! gators don't eat small birds, only big ones !!

  3. LOL BJ, I always make a pain in the a$$ of myself.


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