Friday, April 1, 2011

It's In There !!!

I just this minute took this photo... you can see her beady little eyes ..if you do a close up ... I was so worried yesterday about her and the nest.. as we had tornadoes touch down all around us... and no matter how many times you've been through it ... it's always scary and I worry about my plants and the animals.  
  So, no I didn't do a Dorothy and Wizard of Oz episode not this time anyway..... here's the picture of Mama Bird.. !   


  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the nest. Where is the other one? nice photo, Brabra!

  2. This bird has chosen a wonderful place because it will be loved and loved and loved. Its future is in good hands.

  3. Oh, how cute! I'm just mentioning this, because I have had the problem in the past, but since yours is a hanging plant there's hardly a worry at all. If you see any ants on your porch, squash them; and that is all I'm going to say, future granmommie.

  4. So glad to know she is safe, Barbra Joan. For some reason I never associated tornadoes with FL; hurricanes, yes; tornadoes, no. I so hope and pray that you and your friends and family are all safe!

  5. All is well Sherry, your right its mostly hurricanes , but we do get some tornadoes.
    Oh, how much fun is this??????? You see Sherry there's always a price to pay. !!!!
    no free lunch here ! BJ


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