Monday, April 4, 2011

What in the World???

The last few posts are about those cute little birds, my trash to treasure etc. Nice yes, safe yes,   but without sounding like an alarmist I must say something  about the happening in Japan.. which is no longer confined to Japan..
   It was bad enough, but this morning I'm reading about a desperate attempt to stop the flow of radioactive material that is seeping into the ocean and they haven't found a way to stop it yet!  Are we really aware of what's going on here?  I remember reading that all life started in the ocean..That's pretty important 'stuff' when you think of it..
  I am not a doomsday kind of person,  I'm about as far away from the Endtimers as you can get.. I have always thought that we will go on forever.. ( even had this thing about myself living into the 90ish years.) We'll see about that premonition.. !  
  Now?... We're having a real problem here ..  what is going to happen to the sealife. ?? What happens when this is lapping at our own back door ?  I have questions. Lots of questions.   Even gypsies don't have all answers.
 I'm worried. Yes, me ... the person who flies by the seat of my pants.   I've already done a lot of living.. but  what about  the future, humans, animals, plant life, food, water, milk,the air that we breath??.
 This is a real disaster..for the whole human race.  This affects every part of life as we know it.. I see so many changes in other ways...  technology has changed our life.. most of it is good. Well, most of it.  But this is the enviorment this is breathing, eating, drinking.
   Just something that I was thinking about today. No, I'm not trying to burst your happy little bubble.,  I'm in there too a lot of the time.
But  ....We all live on the same planet remember? and whats that saying'?  It's the only planet that has chocolate ! BJ


  1. Deep thoughts (pun intended!) from Barbra Joan, now I am in love! Yes, what goes around on this planet does affect us, our art and how we view it all. I can't imagine anything stupider than building a nuclear reactor on an ocean view lot and we do it too! We are frail and helpless when it comes to earthquakes and tsunamis but the nuclear thing we did ourselves! I think we are not good caretakers of this planet. We couldn't stop with a bite of apple, we want to devour everything! Payback for killing the dolphins? for shark fins soup? The dregs of the tsunami are now washing up on Oregon's beaches and they are all radioactive! whoops!

  2. Yes, and when Barbra Joan is worried about something you know it's serious... BJ

  3. Great post Barbra, and we are right to be concerned. I was amazed a few days ago to learn that Radioactivity from Japan is being detected here in England - the other side of the world. One has to assume that if we have it, everyone has it. OK, it's in small levels for now, but how much worse is it going to get?

  4. I am an 'endtimer' I guess, Barbra Joan. This whole issues frightens the peawoddly out of me. I work in an area that is literally surrounded by nuclear reactors...There is one in Braidwood, one in Morris (I work right next door to this one), one in Seneca...A nice little triangle of doom, you might say. Not too long ago, I saw frightening images of the area around Chernobyl. I have children in their 20's, grandchildren...What was wrong with the hydroelectric methods?


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