Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Hairy Little Kid !

Ok, so I'm a little weird, but thats how I think of Angie.  A  medium sized, about 37 lbs., mixed breed, spare parts of some sort.... don't know what, furthermore don't care...
 We had a little mishap the other day in my backyard space.  She was on the leash (always) because of the gators in the lake.. There's a five foot drop on a slant,  but steep and she slipped down back feet first..  to the waters edge.. and couldn't get back up on her own.
   Since she can't see or hear good anymore it was very traumatic for her. She is 16 years old this year, her face and eyelashes are all white now..the love and light of my life, and my animal loving friends know the feeling.
..  She's is my faithful, true friend, never hurts my  feelings, doesn't care how I look or feel,  she's there for me with that constant unchanging love.  Yes, she makes my heart smile. Absolutely !!


  1. Yep you can see the love there and also I am sure this was once a dog with many such adventures. You two fit together.

  2. Awww...Angie is adorable, Barbra Joan. I am so glad you have such a true and loving friend. I'm working on that with my Hannah. Truly, I miss my Gio. He was a momma's boy and my heart.

  3. these doggies are such love and heartbreak. I miss my old Tino man but I now have rescued his great grand daughter Amy and she is a dear and very attached to me already (3 weeks!)

  4. Angie is a sweetheart. I'm glad she is okay. My Andee is having a 15th birthday tomorrow. He's a sweetheart, too.


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