Saturday, May 14, 2011


    Not  EVERYTHING  is pretty here in Florida . but I happen to think so..  These are   Soft shelled turtles.. this one is a baby  (small)   like a saucer.  The other (below) could be  mom or dad .. (under the water) they are about a foot and a half in diameter.  Twice the size of a dinner plate, and have  very long necks. Different than the land turtles which most people have seen..
   These guys live right near my deck ,, and I know this is hard to believe but  the baby comes to me when it sees me out there   .... of course  I feed them ... left over cat nibbles, and bread..
   If I come across one on the road ... STOP  the car!!! get the towel, (always in the car for emergencies like turtle rescues. Land turtles too.  )  I then ask it  "where are you trying to go?"  and carry it to the other side..


  1. wow..such a neat photo! I love turtles. And I used to stop too when I saw them in get them off the road. Don't see many here in Utah.

  2. Barbra Joan, you introduced me to a new kind of turtle, the long necked! The baby is cute and weird, I think! xx

  3. You are as ever the soft of heart. I did the same last week while out running but with an adder a poisonous snake.

  4. I also have been known to move a turtle when in the path of danger. Once I stopped my bike on a bike path and squatted about 5 feet away from a big old turtle sitting right in the path and just talked and talked to it. Oddly enough, it seemed to listen and didn't hide or scuttle away. How cute to see the baby coming to you! Surrogate mama!

  5. See? I knew you all did the same thing!!!
    Bunch of softies all of you. !!

  6. your such a loving caring person, always looking out for others animals and people. you make this world a better place to be.So many heartless people.
    God Bless you and your kind ways...

    ~ God Bless ~

  7. Thank you Dottie. I always think that anyone who doesn't have a tiny space in their heart for compassion for animals is not worth anything.. It doesn't cost a thing.. BJ


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