Friday, May 27, 2011

The Flower Rock!

     This is a pretty big rock in my front garden, sure, sure, your saying,  "Oh no, not another flower!!  But come on you have to understand this is growing out of a rock.!!   alright, so there's  a little cutout and some soil in it, big deal.. 
I planted these Portulacas sometimes called Moss Rose, they bloom every single day.. go away at night, next day ? Flowers again!  some things we can't count on at all... some things I can,  this is one  I can.. BJ


  1. One day I need to go to Florida! There are things that only happen there, right Barbra Joan? Like you...and flowers blooming on a rock!xx

  2. very pretty I just love flowers. you property always looks so pretty from the pix you post. I am happy for you that you are happy there... Have a happy and safe memorial day weekend.
    ~ God Bless `

  3. Anamaria, you are probably right... One of a kind !! Yes, come on

  4. My Dad always planted Portulacas in Nevada. They are wonderful and never seem to need much water. He had them in all different colors. I checked out your website. Very nice. Do you have a place where you have your drawings that are for sale?

  5. Hi Y , thanks for going there . I don't use the website for sales, (not yet anyway) .
    However anyone interested can just contact me.. and I'd be glad to give out any info...
    As to the Portulacas yes, they thrive in sandy soil and like to be on the dry side.


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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