Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Summer Alright !!!

                                       Barbra Joan in the Sandbox.  

One thing we can count on,  summer in Florida is not fun..
Not unless your on vacation, which I'm not,  live near the beach, which I don't or love being in a sauna, which is what it is.
  That's why we have the 'snowbirds'.  The people who have a nice big home up north, and come here between Nov. and May .
They're all gone now.. It's quiet as a ghost town and the heat is on. 
After over 40 years, yes I was originally from up North, but a Southerner in my heart , this is home and  I'm still whining how hot summer is here. 
  Hurricane season started June 1st another worry for the next 5 months . I've been there.  In the eye of the storm so to speak . 
So let the games begin.. get the survival plans ready. Everybody has to have a plan.. What to do , where to go.. Any extra room for me and  my Cornpone  kids.? They go where I go..   BJ 


  1. arn't you a cuie pie in the sand box without any sand! did you paint that?

  2. Yes Jerry, Barbra Joan painted by BJ in the sand box .. I was about 4 years old and I painted it from an old black and white photo.. Sand? Oh there's supposed to be sand in the box. right !!!!

  3. What a gorgeous painting and an even more gorgeous little Barbara Joan! You are welcome here, sweetie, but no a/c and it is often just as hot and humid here in IL as it is in FL. Oh to have the money to be a snowbird!!

  4. What a wonderful nostalgic painting. Very beautiful.

  5. thanks all, I wasn't able to comment on my own blog, so this is a test...

  6. This is a delightful painting! Your colors are so clean and fresh! The painting just smiles in delight at me! Congratulations!

  7. I love the recreation of the picture to your painting it is wonderful. I too am a northern girl and miss it so much even after 20 yrs in Fl. but we do have plenty of room here, they say our area is safe because it use to be Seminal Indian land. for 20 yrs that we are here all has been calm. just wanted to let ya know..
    God Bless


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