Thursday, June 2, 2011

Library Exhibition

As a member of the East Hillsborough Art Guild , lovingly referred to as EHAG .. oh go ahead... I see that snicker  and  know just who you are..!      We get the month of June to exhibit our art work at our local library. ..There was a theme of  "Travel, Real or Imagined" . What?? what does that mean really?    My worst subjects.. 
  I must say there are some very good pieces there by our members.   We were limited to two, but me being the indecisive, unsure artist that I am .. I brought four , 3 watercolor and 1 they could choose what fit best.   I'm  so pleased they hung all 4.. This is only my 3rd real live  exhibit,  and I'm getting the hang (pardon the pun) of it.  BJ   


  1. Barbra, you are fantastic! and an inspiration for us lazy people. Yes, get out there, get know, hang your work, that's the secret!
    good job, girl!!!

  2. good job..I love that you brought 2 too many and they hung them all!!! I wonder if that will work for the next few shows I am entering!!!

  3. Were you talking to me about snickering??? Or Jer? LOL Both? Good call! LOLOL

    I am so proud of you, my wonderful friend. I do plan to email you soon, by the way. You might have guessed by now that mornings before work are dedicated to my reading my blog roll; after work I am useless. Saturdays are weaving, Sunday is kept for art but most Sundays of late, every evening after work, and Saturdays after weaving I am simply slothful. I am so run down or something. But I want to write you and I shall soon, hopefully tonight. (A wee burst of energetic excitement on Fridays 'cause two days off of work!)

    I too am quite proud of you for putting yourself out there. It must be so affirming that your art is indeed beautiful, so exquisite! I knew it and I am hopeful that you know it too! Oh to see this show and be so proud to say that four of these pieces are done by my good friend BJ!

  4. Thath's great, Barbra Joan! Good luck in your exhibition!I'm curious to see your four works, is one of them the Lady with a hat on the first picture?

  5. oh I know a few other snickerers ! LOL !


Your comments are very much appreciated and I'll be returning the visit. !! BJ

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