Friday, August 19, 2011


    A comment today to my other blog prompted me to write this on my journey.  Sure, its one of those posts that I tell you about in my header..  but your welcome to come along. 
   It's about my two closest and dearest friends, I say closest because they live close by . I have a few other dear friends but distance is an issue..   These two are 'close' and 'dear'.
  Years ago an event happened in my life that took me on a  six -seven year mindless 'go nowhere'  journey.   
Home was Florida,  but  I immediately  moved from one place to another ,  always thinking the next place I would feel better,  lose it, leave it somewhere.  One of those moves took me right next door to my  friend JoNette.  At that time she was a hair stylist, we worked in the same Salon.. lived next to each other.    We were very good friends, but  the urge to go took me away again   as far as  northern   California,  San Francisco area.  
   Sadly , the 'event' follows you. Why?  because it's right there  inside. It's part of you.  You can't leave it somewhere as though it was in a paper bag.   
  Three years later, back to Florida I came.. JoNette was still here all the time,  and had gone on to get her degrees at the University.. In this fall she'll have her  Phd.  She'll be Professor at USF. A long hard struggle for her, but she made it. ! And I am so proud of her... I'll be at her graduation.
We'd never lost touch,  and  she now lives right across the way from me.  How ironic .. after all these years to live next to each other again.
  Upon returning to Florida,  I met my friend Sondra, she managed a Salon that I'd gotten to work in... We became instant friends, and what can I say about her except that she has the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known.   She has been there for me through all my joys, my nightmares,  and if I had a sister I couldn't have picked one better .
For the past 25 years, I've had these 2 friends that have been by my side and need I say .....tolerated me... 
   They've both seen the best and the worst of me, they know all my secrets, all my faults, all my insanities,  and they love me anyway.  The tests of a true friends. 
The feeling is mutual .. and they know it ! 
How lucky I am . !!!!   BJ 

      Jo, at a Dude Ranch...      

Sondra ( Sonj ) a few years  ago.  


  1. I like the way you share your private life, BJ! Friends like yours are hard to find, you are lucky to have two! Wish you a nice weekend

  2. Close friends are part of the best things in life. I'm glad you have many, and two wonderful ones right where you're at. Have a pleasant weekend :)

  3. You are blessed indeed, my darlin', but so are JoNette and Sondra! I wish I had even one such good friend nearby.

  4. Believe me when it comes to this part of my life, I am very blessed .
    If not for them, I might have even kept my sanity !!!! LOL !

  5. I have a couple of friends like that -- but, alas, we never seem to be living anywhere near each other. So glad for the internet - it keeps friendships (old and new) alive! I'm happy for you that your dear friends are near!

  6. Thank you Nancy, and you are the one online friend that I actually met here in Florida.. We'll meet again this fall for that peanut butter the Garden Cafe . That was a fun day.... BJ

  7. Friends are more than we can ever know . I have this friend I call my wild rose. I have not known her as long as you have known those friends but i have a deep and longing feeling for her.

  8. Sometimes someone does come into our lives for a short time. but makes a big impact. I know what you mean..


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