Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mary Louise ~

Mary Louise, 3rd in the chain of command of the' Cornpone Gang of 4'   had a visit to the vet yesterday.  She had an eye problem that was not about to go away until money was spent.. I don't know why I wasn't a vet instead of an artist!! 
But an eye infection is nothing to leave go , and she's had it for quite some time...
None of my cats ever go out for their own safety and the safety of harmless critters, like birds.  It's a known fact an outdoor cat will live to be  around 6 years, and indoor cat about 16.   Mary Louise is 8 now ..who really knows?  as she was left on my property when I lived in a very wooded 3 acres about  5 years ago.. The perfect area for people with no heart to dump their unwanted cat.!   
It's the only way I've ever gotten a cat.. They come to me.. I don't look for them, 
I've never known what its been like to not live in a house with out one, two or four and I liked it that way.  But I think my career of saving animals is coming to an end.. I have done my 'tour of duty' for about 60+ years, I'm retiring .. where's my gold watch?   BJ


  1. No gold watch, but lots of purrs and licks. I feel the same way, but if another showed up it might not get the higher quality of life as my pets did when I was a bit younger, but I could never say no, much to my husband's dismay and maybe mine too, lol.

  2. Mary Louise is a beauty, BJ! We have three cats but had to return the two dogs to their breeders. It just didn't feel right keeping them crated for 10 hours a day. The cats are all attention hogs too. And of course they aren't happy unless you spend money on them. It is the way of the world with pets. We've decided no more dogs or cats either. Just too hard on us. I'm with you that pet cats belong in the house only. Mine do not go outside at all. The rare escape has us catching them immediately.

  3. So glad Mary Louise is doing better. I know we spend so much on dog medicine. Rudy our kitty is doing ok. But the joy outweighs the costs. but such costs. Take care, love,Diana


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