Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aww ! A Baby

This tiny baby is about 3-4  feet long. It was hanging out right under my deck,  in the water, not on the grounds, but close enough,  and I came upon it while throwing some bread to the fish. ( who of course would starve if I didn't).
  Well while they were eating bread  this baby gator was looking for some breakfast too, namely the fish. ... This is the very reason why we shouldn't feed anything in the lakes ...and I should know better..
It will grow to about 9 to 12 ft. long and be able to eat more than  just small fish.!!  No more breakfast for you !!!!   I said NO more breakfast..!    BJ


  1. Hahaha! That puts things into perspective! I will no longer worry about snails in my garden!

  2. You certainly don't want one of those making your yard its roaming grounds. Puts new meaning to braving camping out at night.

  3. I suspect this particular baby could do some damage! Be careful Barbra Joan!!

  4. Yes Sherry, take a hand at the very least!
    Not so cute then. !! BJ

  5. That is an interesting/ scary situation. Given the circumstances, I am glad that you still managed to take a snapshot of the creature. Thanks for sharing.


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